A cable network started by NBC many years ago, meant as a "Consumer News and Business Channel". It's now worldwide, and many leave it on all day with the sound off. All-business during the day (making stars of anchors and of guests like Larry Kudlow and James Cramer), and news/talk at night. Home of Geraldo Rivera, "infobabe" Maria Bartiromo, the smug Chris Matthews' Hardball Beltway-insider crap. I'm still waiting for a Labor News or Economics News channel. Watch my face turn blue.

Also, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, a cross-disciplinary, cross-university center (as you might have guessed) for studying neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The CNBC is a joint venture between CMU and the University of Pittsburgh.

I used to be the webmaster for the CNBC and every week or so I'd get email commenting on television programs on the cable network. Usually they would be telling me what an idiot they thought Geraldo Rivera was...

in Europe, we get the aptly-named CNBC Europe. In addition to some of their US programs in whole or part (Squawk Box, Power Lunch, Street Signs and Market Wrap), they broadcast some some shows with fantastically original names (European Squawk Box, European Market Wrap), and coverage of the Asian markets at night.

The closest they get to entertainment during the week is NBC Nightly News, but at weekends we are treated to ancient re-runs of Leno and Conan O'Brian. Oh, and lots of golf or tennis.

Their free pens are nice.

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