One of the several Neopet species, the Korbat resembles a fruit bat with fangs, overlarge ears, and a long pointed devil-like tail; they are nocturnal and have a very keen sense of smell.

Korbats may be created in one of four colors - a white body with green, red, yellow, or blue wings - and may then be painted several other colors. A checkered Korbat looks a bit like a racing flag, while a glowing Korbat looks as if it's stuck a finger in a socket and is bright green. The gold Korbat is a shiny sort of yellow all over, while the fire Korbat is black with orange and red flame accents. The purple Korbat has a lavender body with dark purple wings; a starry Korbat is blue all over with yellow stars on its body. The striped Korbat is also blue all over, but its wings are dark blue and there are medium blue stripes on its head and body. The stone Korbat is simply black. One paintbrushes will alter a Korbat's appearance: the faerie brush gives it butterfly wings behind its bat wings. If exposed to a transmogrification potion, the Korbat's wings will become tattered and it grows fur all over its body. The special Christmas-edition paintbrush makes the Korbat look like a candy cane.

Several books have been written about Korbats, most notably Curious Korbats. Other Korbat books include You and Your Faerie Korbat (with a detailed wing care section), the fictional The Korbat Who Couldn't Hang, about young Isabel who couldn't keep her balance, Korbat Games (activities for Korbat Day), How to Keep Korbats Happy, and the novel Korbat Halloween.

Many food items have been created in the image of a Korbat. The white, orange, and milk chocolate Korbats have raspberry fondant centers. The gingerbread Korbat was designed in honor of Korbat Day, and the crunchie Korbat cookie is shaped like the head of a Korbat. Korbat cakes include Choco-Vanilla (fudge, caramel, and chocolate), Fruit Sensation (fruit flavors, caramel, and white chocolate), and Mega Minty (fudge, mint, and chocolate).

Several toys have been modeled after Korbats or feature a Korbat imprint. Korbat plushies, which resemble Radar the Beanie Baby, come in blue, green, red, and yellow. Spherical keyrings feature Korbats on a blue, green, red, or yellow background. A few collectable cards have been created featuring korbats, including the common Korbat Leader card, the harder-to-find Korbatlopigus card, and the rare Feemix the Korbat Scout card.

Korbats have a few special protections available for entering battles. They may wear special chestplates and wing guards, and may also wear a helmet. Korbats can carry a Korbat sword into battle, and may also use generic defenses and weapons.

Only one Neopets game features a Korbat, "Korbat's Lab" which bears a remarkable resemblance to Arkanoid.


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