UPC Number: 00036000210026

These facial tissues are not only 3-ply, expensive, and (depending on whom you ask) worth the unjustifiable cost. Paradoxes aside, ColdCare tissues can be had for $3.10 per box of 70, or approximately 4.43 cents per tissue. Assuming you have the will (and manual dexterity) to seperate each tissue in to three discrete layers, the cost per tissue (CPT) could be reduced by a factor of sixty six point six percent, to somewhere between one and two pennies. Since ColdCare tissues have lotion built in, even one ply would do a better job than many ordinary facial tissues.


Unfortunately, a box of ColdCare tissues is too large to fit in an average Hotchkiss School mailbox. Still, this should not be enough to discourage a determined kind-hearted soul from delivering a box of heavenly relief to someone in need. Case in point (CIP): My girlfriend bought be a box, wrote my initials on the side in black permanent marker, and left a note in my mailbox announcing their presence. It was touching.

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