The dreaded Sergeant Major is facing the platoon. "Full kit inspection! Everybody get your kitbag out of your tent for an inspection! You have 30 seconds! MOVE!!!" (This is a Bad Thing, mainly because you already know the inspection will fail, and you'll spend the next 15 minutes running around the base with all your equipment as punishment).

Suddenly, the idiot on the last row pipes up: "Should we bring our field kitbag or our dress kitbag?" (The dress kitbag weighs next to nothing; the field contains half a tent, a mess kit, etc., and weighs a ton).

"BOTH! Now MOVE!!!!"

The dreaded kitbag question is the name given in the Israeli army to any useless question. But the idiot in the third row never learns, and everybody keeps on lugging an extra 15 kg around because of him.

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