Character from Disney's Tale Spin

Name: Kit "Cloudkicker"

Possible Names: Kit is techinally the shortname for Christopher. (Although Disney never used Kit's long name at all.)

Age: 12

Height: 3' 9"

Friends: Baloo Bear, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham, Louie Lamount, Oscar Vandersnoot, Ernie and the Jungle Aces, WildCat

Rivials: Don Karnage, Mad Dog, Dumptruck, Dan Dawson

Likes: Loves to fly; Loves surfing the clouds using his airfoil (a boomerang-shaped surfboard)

Dislikes: He hates being insulted; people tickling him (The slightest touch really sets him off!)

First Quote: "For me? Aw; you shouldn't have!!" : Plunder and Lightning Act I

Most Memoriable Quote: "You can't tell me what to do! You're *Not* my dad!" : Stormy Weather

Fears: Trusting Adults. (Feeling the next adult will stab him in the back! Again!)

Most of the time; he wears a green sweater with some wear and tear and a white shirt underneath (note the white collar above his sweater). Before he met Baloo; Kit used to wear a red scarf around his neck, a symbol of him being an Air Pirate. From Plunder and Lightning Act I (12 minutes into the episode); Baloo gives Kit a blue/red baseball cap which he wears backwards.

First Appearance: "I Only Have Ice for You"; Tale Spin Preview Episode on the Disney Channel 05/05/1990.

First National Appearnace: "Plunder and Lightning"; Tale Spin Special TV Movie on CBC/Disney on 09/09/1990.

People who voiced Kit Cloudkicker: Alan Roberts (Stormy Weather, The Bigger They Are; The Louder They Oink, I Only Have Ice For You, It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck, The Idol Rich, Mommy For A Day and pieces of A Bad Reflection On You.) ; R.J. Williams (All other episodes including pieces of "A Bad Reflection On You")

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