her: *reaches out*
me: *grasps and holds*
her: *closes eyes*
me: *pulls you closer*
her: *wishes this were real*
me: *doesn't care*
her: *wraps arms around you and imagines the lightning away*
me: *wraps his arms around you*
me: *kisses your lips like the world is about to end*
her: *kisses back, totally forgetting her still missing chapstick*
me: *thinks about the line between dream and reality*
her: *waves it away with her hand while still holding you*
me: *leaves himself and enters your vortex*
her: *is waiting in the vortex wearing dandelions in her hair*
me: *connects a dot: The Ground Beneath Her Feet*
her: *pulls off her shoes and wanders around in the grass*
me: *rolls down the hill*
her: *chases after and tumbles down beside you*
me: *feels your heart pulse and sees the horizon detonate and melt away over and over again*
her: *wanders into the sky and looks at the galaxy from very very far away*
me: *follows you*
her: *kisses by starlight*
me: *feels the supernova but does not see it, seeing that his eyes are clenched shut*
her: *cautions against always closing your eyes when you kiss because you're wonderful to watch*
me: *must remember in the future*
her: *we tumble down into a black hole, and instead of being killed by the gravity we stay perfectly motionless in each other's arms above a spiral of creation*

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