The radio station for Fife, featuring "the greatest hits ever, and today's best music." Broadcast on 95.2 and 96.1 MHz.

A really cool station, because instead of concentrating on only the newest songs (ala Radio 1), they play a mixture from the 90s, 80s, 60s, and 70s. Kinda sounds like my MP3 collection left on random play actually. :) Some of the DJs tend to be a bit annoying, but they like to play songs back to back, so you can usually be assured of 15 minutes of uninterupted music at a time. A great station to work to.

The biggest flaw I'd say, is that they have way too much sponsership. But I guess that this is a necessary evil. For some reason, they keep refering to Fife as "the Kingdom." :)

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