Excellent late-1990's indie rock quintet fronted by Frank Padellaro, former bassist for the Northampton, MA-based Scud Mountain Boys. Irreverent and eclectic, the band's one studio release, 1998's "Mr. K Is Dead, Go Home" (Tar Hut), earned the band regional acclaim and a series of live shows around New England. Its sound varied from Elvis Costello-esque pub rock to twang-soaked country ballads, with a dash of Ben Folds Five-style piano irony thrown in for good measure.

In early 2001, Tar Hut went bankrupt, and King Radio's brilliant second album, "Curse Of The Bambino", was shelved indefinitely. Padellaro played bass intermittently for the Pernice Brothers during this time; no plans have been announced for a "Bambino" release in the meantime, and King Radio played no shows during the year, though Padellaro expressed devotion to the band.

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