First let me clarify I do not condone killing one bird with one stone, let alone killing two birds with one stone. This is not to be taken literally, nor as a command. That being said, today I brought my mother to the cardiologist and my husband to get an MRI of his brain, to rule out Alzheimers and the possibility of mini-strokes. All within a three hour window and fortunately both places are in close proximity. I considered writing this in a daylog, but then decided, why not kill three birds with one stone and rescue a nodeshell as well. For charity, all of my writing in December will be for the Quest, unless otherwise noted. Now I'm up to four birds with one stone, hypothetically.

Switching to another metaphor, I feel like I've been treading water lately, which is not as relaxing as it might sound. You get nowhere except tired. Unless you're in the ocean, treading water is probably bad for your health, considering the chlorine levels of most pools. And aside from my stress-related eating of candy corn during the recent power outage due to Hurricane Sandy, I try to at least eat in a healthy manner. Speaking of the storm, still dealing with getting estimates from an assortment of repair guys, one actually squeezing me in this afternoon. Probably because he cannot work cutting down trees in the rain. Fifth bird, in my book. No dead birds in this story though.

This is the most hopeful I've felt in days, like things are moving forward in a positive direction. Going from treading water to doing a few laps, still in the same pool, but getting things done. Getting estimates, possible answers, ways to fix what is broken.

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