A small IRC network founded in late December 1996 by a woman nicknamed Lema. Kidsworld was originally a channel on Undernet, but there were too many problems, so she convinced ABSNet to host a server. Services were coded and the network started gaining users.

The philosophy behind Kidsworld is to provide the safest possible environment for kids. Adults are not permitted on the network with the exception of IRC Operators, of whom approximately half are 18 or older. The network operates on a zero tolerance policy so swearing, porn, abuse, warez, etc will all get you banned immediately.

Kidsworld is run by Policy-Com, a small group of people who do exactly what their name implies: make and enforce policy. Another group of people called monitors watch the network for adults and have the ability to /kill (no, they don't have O:Lines).

The IRC daemon used is a heavily modified IRCu 2.10.7 that requires you to specify if you are an adult or kid before you can join any channels, /msg regular users or /whois. Typing /adult on connect will forbid you from joining any channel other than the staff channel. Other modifications include:
  • Masked hosts for staff
  • /chnick and /chmode for IRC Operators
  • Various user modes and a channel mode
  • And others I have forgotten
Network services:
  • K - Channel services, regular users do not have access to register channels although there are few limitations
  • KWorld - Operator services, named in the tradition of Undernet
  • StatServ - An eggdrop that keeps a huge database of everybody's age (entering your age is required the first time you connect)
  • MemoServ - Another eggdrop that has a really unusual, but functional, memo service system
Network channels:
  • #adminland - Staff channel
  • #chat - Main chat channel
  • #chanserv - Channel registration
Website: http://www.kidsworld.org
Main server: baltimore.md.us.kidsworld.org

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