Arguably the best director of Shakespeare's dramas to come along in more than a generation, and one of the best young actors around today. His King Henry V was filmed when he was in his 20s and lots more people should go out and rent it. Also did a fine Much Ado About Nothing and a resonant Hamlet. Not confining himself to Shakespeare, he is also responsible for the underrated thriller Dead Again. Was married to Emma Thompson, who played a brilliant Beatrice to his Benedick.

Born 1960 in Northern Ireland. He's one of those actors that somehow always end up playing themselves, or at least the same role every time. Just like Woody Allen for instance. But then again, Kenneth played Woody Allen in Allen's Celebrity..oh well.

The following are his most famous films, as in terms of writing, directing and/or producing:

He has also made other, more obscure and not widely spread films, which I have yet to find somewhere.

I'd say that "Much Ado..." and "Peter's Friends" are his best movies. I don't like the story of Hamlet, but it is an impressive production. "Dead Again" I saw alone when I was badly sick, so that kind of took they joy out of it. My impression was that it was Kenneth goes to Hollywood, although it had an interesting twist in the tale-ending.

As an actor you can also see him in other movies than his own, for instance:

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