The Keepers of Lists are an ancient and secretive yet humble order of monks who got bored of practicing Gregorian Chants and instead took as their sacred calling, the grand responsibility of maintaining "the lists". Lists were submitted by apostles all over the world. The Keepers allowed their apostles to vote on list items & submit new lists in order to develop the funniest David Letterman style Top 10 (and more) lists available on the internet today and for all time.

The order went into seclusion in late 1996. The website the bears their name is presented in honor of the brothers & sisters of the original Order of the Keepers of Lists. It is the goal of the new brotherhood to re-establish the grand traditions of the order and do justice to the memory of the founding Keepers.

In honor of the original Keepers of Lists, they maintain an archive of the Ancient Lists from the original website (found -after exhaustive searches- on dusty scrolls (lost to the world, not quite as long as the Dead Sea Scrolls) tucked away in the dark corners of the Internet.

The order of the Keepers of Lists can be found at:

PS: The monks are a fun loving bunch that manage to find excuses to party all the time, drinking great quantities of mead & grog while stuffing their faces with mutton. Come hang out for a while. The door to the monastery is always open.

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