Staple of early-teen masturbatory action. In the absence of proper porno mags (due mainly to still doing a paper round for the newsagent you intended to buy a copy of 'Barely Legal' from), the underwear section of the mail-order catalogue proved a more than apt replacement.

Over the years, one became almost friends with the strict rotation of four or five models that Kays used for their entire range, to the extent that many a playground argument was conducted over the merits of 'the blonde one with the outey belly-button' compared to, say, 'that Spanish-looking one whose pubes you can always see through the lace'.

Kays tradition dictated three things, however:

1. Sexy underwear was at the start of the section, but gave way over the pages to immense Triumph bras boasting 'sizes up to 50FF'.
2. The Spring/Summer catalogue would not force the reader to flip through page after page of thermal nightwear. In addition, it also contained the bonus of the swimwear section (high-leg bikinis being the best of the best).
3. Anyone caught cracking one off over the childrens' underwear section got a good kicking.

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