Katherine Tombeau is an artist, graphic designer, world traveller, and resident of Ann Arbor, MI. Furthermore, she somehow manages to combine a genuine geek chick sensibility with a stunning command of style and etiquette, and has gone a long way toward teaching some semblance of decent social behavior to some of the many geek guys she knows. Her courtesy extends to everyone, even cats and infants who she treats with proper respect. This has something to do with her Quebecois and Canadian heritage, even though she was raised in the United States. She uses words like "flat" and "lift" without thinking, even in places like Chicago.

It is perhaps difficult to explain why you should know Katherine Tombeau (although, of course, I don't pretend to know whether she should know you), but you can examine her Web site at www.tombeau.com. I recommend the comix in particular.

The sort of person who would take a graffitti covered dark alley behind a movie theatre and paint these really cool, colorful murals that are like windows into all kinds of other worlds. Full of not-so inside jokes. Including giant cat paw prints meandering lazily all over the place. Too bad you cannot vote or link to stuff in the physical world (yet).

I'm not much for cats and infants, but nature didn't make 'em dumb. They know 'leet when they see it.

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