A wonderful radio station based in Freedom, California, near Santa Cruz. Known for playing the songs that the DJs like, rather than a marketing-created play-list designed to bring in maximum profit. These likes include old rock music, current rock, country music, folk music, bluegrass, and even some reggae. They've been required to put some more emphasis on rock since they were bought by a radio station chain, but they've still managed to keep a lot of their original flavor.

KPIG is also notable for:

  • The first radio station to webcast its audio.
  • Its webcast is frequently the #1 online radio station in the world.
  • DJs that have their own personalities, rather than those mass-produced DJs who all sound alike (you know what I'm talking about).
  • Radio commercials for local businesses that are actually enjoyable to listen to.
  • Hog Calls, where locals can call in a message to be played on the radio show; these can be everything from announcements of a car to be sold to someone snorting and squealing like a pig.
  • Funny fake ads, like an ad for the movie "Waiting to Exhale", by Tokestone pictures, about a bunch of stoners.

They broadcast at 107.5 FM (107 "oink" 5), and webcast from http://www.kpig.com

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