KPFK is a community sponsored public radio station in Los Angeles, California. It is one of five stations owned by the Pacifica Foundation, a non-profit public radio foundation started by pacifist Lewis Hill. KPFK broadcasts 112,000 watts at 90.7 FM, making it the most powerful public radio station in the western US.

KPFK was founded in 1959, the second of the Pacifica radio stations, after KPFA. In 1961, it recieved a Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting. Since then, it has done groundbreaking coverage of events many other media outlets refuse to cover, like the civil rights and anti-war movements. KPFK's programming consists of news, community issues, commentary, and music rarely heard elsewhere.

The other four Pacifia stations are KPFA Berkeley, WBAI New York City, WPFW Washington, D.C., and KPFT Houston.

KPFK has streaming audio and a web site at

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