it depends on how you look at things
whether or not you can consider yourself
one of the special ones

maybe you know something that we
as a populace are largely unaware of

it depends on what the world and
the people well above it
consider to be special

because in every story of the heroes
and the saviors and great ones
there are infinite passers-by and which one are you?

because you walk past a lot of people
in any given day on the street

and maybe they're on the way to finish
the great american short story
or lead the men into battle

there can only be so many special ones
and i don't think we know which one we are
until the moment we realize we're about to be gone.

because until then, anything could happen
and you could, in any way, change the world.

someone may consider me to be something special
but if they do, i don't know about it and i suggest to you:
tell the special ones that they are so much that

because lots of us will go away, soon,
without so much the idea that
you were there and that you loved us.

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