In reference to the fantastic idea sponsored by the "war on drugs" that one should just say no. A sizeable part of the population thought (and still think) that this statement was naive, badly thought out, and just plain Rude. The american population obviously did not like being patronised quite so much by their leaders, and so coined the phrase "just say know". In other words know the difference between propaganda and fact. Be sensible. Above all exercise your freedom and make an informed decision for yourself.

Although the term came about as a result of a campaign against drugs, it can be applied to just about anything (or should say everything?). There is no such thing as enough knowledge.

Ranting nodes and terrifying anti-drug commercials are not going to get people to stop experimenting with drugs. Once most people decide to try them, they are going to do it either way. And, if they are going to do it, it is important that they have some information about what they are putting in their bodies. SO, here is a list of helpful sites:

  • is a huge site that has everything from the chemical structure of the drug, to the effects and how long they will last (both positive and negative), to trip logs. It is an incredibly informative site, and the most extensive drug site on the internet.
  • www.lycaeum.orgis a lot like erowid, it has information on dosages, effects, trip reports, and more.
  • once again, much like the other two, a lot of the same information. I like the "essential info" part of this site that has things like safe dancing tips and how to avoid bad trips.
  • www.urban75.comis a UK based site, and is not entirely devoted to drugs, but has a fairly extensive section on them.
  • is dedicated to a safe club/rave scene. It has some good info on what are commonly considered club drugs (a lof of info about ecstacy/MDMA).
If you are going to choose do take drugs, please inform yourself first. And, please, just because one of these sites says something, don't take it as absolute truth. Look through as much information as you can and try to get a balanced view.

If you have any sites you think should be added, msg me. If there is a better title under which you think this should be placed, msg me.

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