So she was supposed to have surgery on her tear duct yesterday early in the morning. She called about 10am crying that they couldn't do the operation. She said that it was because of too much scar tissue around the eye. I was trying to remain calm and tell her that it's not the end of the world and maybe she could find a doctor in Cincy to do it. Well, that didn't help apparently. I tried telling her that she has connections and that it should be no problem getting the different needed surgery the next day.

I call her later after her 4:30 meeting and she said that she has a surgery appointment for the next day. Of course the flowers I ordered for her didn't come. They didn't forget to bill me though. Hopefully everything goes okay today...

Mom and Dad are coming in tommorow to spend the night, then we go to my brother's graduation at UC on saturday. They will probably leave that night, I still can't understand why my Dad refuses to stay the night sometimes. It's almost like he's ashamed of us drinking, when he drinks himself and did a lot of it when he was our age. I told my girlfriend the other day that she has permission to kick my ass if I ever turn into my Dad. There is so much about him that I want to be like, yet so much that I wish I wasn't. I inherited his stubborness, foolish pride and sinful interests. I think that he has turned into his father, but hopefully I will retain only his good qualities...and develop my own bad habits for my children to hate.

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