I am with my daughter. We borrowed P's car and parked it. Now we are trying to get the car back.

There is an attendant for the along the road parking. I am a bit vague on which car is P's. None of them look like P's.

"Look again, mom." says my daughter. "Automated."

Most of the cars are hanging upside down, as if in a giant vending machine. Now I see P's car and point it out to the attendant.

The attendant scolds me. "It is due for maintenance in 3 months." The car was hooked up to a computer when it was parked. It has apparently not given a good report of us. The attendant says, "You should get on the schedule as soon as possible. They are booked out and you don't want to be late." He brings the car down for us.

I don't tell him that it's not my car. He would be horrified by my cars, which all currently need some maintenance. One has had a dead battery for 3 months. We tried trickle charging it last week with the solar panels. Didn't work. Tried charging it with the Scion. It charged, sort of, but wouldn't start. I am not calling AAA until I have a garage arranged. It's on the long list of things to do.

I wake up.

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