My last chick is flown and it's just me and the cat.

She left yesterday at 3:30 with the group for Thailand, 17 students and two leaders. They will be in a small town for a month teaching English to grade 1 through 8. This is the 16th year that they've gone... or 17th? I don't know. This is her second trip.

I feel like I am in a dream world. Part of me is keeping the plane safe... even though the logical brain scoffs. Still, hope flies with them.

She will be back for a few days and then we'll go register her for her college classes. She will be in all small seminars this fall. She will be about 3 hours away. That is very close... and far too. She has a roommate picked out, a sailor, and they've been rock climbing. Seven times over the last month. Indoors so far. My sister was a rock climber. I was too busy with all the medical training and work and two kids... family, illness, people dying.

My son is now 3000 miles away and started his job last Monday.

Blessings blessings blessings

I am in a dream....

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