So, this is mostly self-promotion, I have to admit. A while back (god, almost a decade ago now) I wrote a series of fictional military briefings inspired by Charles Stross's 'A Colder War' (and, a bit, The Laundry). These are The Benthic Wars. It's fan fiction, really. Since it's fan fiction, I obviously can't sell it (as Charlie Stross himself noted when commenting on them on Metafilter). However! Nothing says I can't package it up into a handy ePub with a neat snarky cover and just GIVE IT ALL AWAY! That's right! GRAB YER OWN! Heh. Hope some folks find some fun here.

I'm also doing this for advertising - I have a couple of 'hey, check out my other books here!' pages in back, so please do download this, give it to your friends (or just give them the URL), stuff it in book torrent collections with my blessing, etc. etc.

Thanks again, E2.

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