From the 2000 AD comic books:

Judge Death is a major opponent of Judge Dredd.

Judge Death is a member of the Dark Judges, a group from an alternate dimension who concluded that since all crime was committed by the living, that living itself was a crime. The Dark Judges, led by Judge Death, systematically killed all the inhabitants of their world and converted it into Deadworld. The Dark Judges became undead Judges with supernatural powers in the process.

Judge Death discovers the existence of other dimensions and sets about wiping out life there as well. The Dark Judges encounter Judge Dredd while killing citizens of Mega-City One. They take part in a series of epic battles, concluding when Dredd destroys Death's body with an incendiary round.

Death's spirit takes refuge in the psyche of Psi-Judge Anderson. He asserts control of her body, but Dredd is able to trap Death inside by detonating a canister of Boing (a hi-tech plastic) over Anderson's body.

With Anderson and Death encased together in solid Boing, Death's influence is limited. However, he remains able to manipulate an ordinary citizen to sneak into the Judge Museum where Anderson's body is kept and free him. Death's spirit promptly kills his liberator and flees to Deadworld.

Dredd and Anderson follow Death into Deadworld. (After all, he is a lawbreaker.) They encounter Death and the other raised Dark Judges and another epic battle ensues. The Dark Judges are destroyed by Dredd and his Lawgiver, although Dredd does suffer a flaming pitchfork to the chest. Anderson is able to focus the anguish of the billions on Deadworld killed by Death and use it to destroy him. Dredd and Anderson then return to Mega-City One, leaving Deadworld empty except for the remains of Death's many victims.

Judge Death apparently returns again (like all good villians), but I didn't read that book.

Source: There are also many pics available on the www.

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