AKA "Hin-Jew." For some reason, Hinduism is extremely popular among a certain population of educated, disaffected Jews (I could name lots of names).

I'm not sure why so many nice Jewish boys and girls go off to the ashram, but it seems to happen with a good deal of regularity. It's most common among those who came of age in the 1960s, when more people were questioning their given faiths, and Indian thinkers/popularizers like the Maharishi were suddenly in the public eye. I think Jews were and are more inclined to do this because they tend to be raised in a tradition that teaches that it's okay to question any religious tenet, but have often found the traditional responses to these questions to be inadequate.

Hin-Jews, in my experience, tend to remain culturally Jewish, even when renouncing any connection with the Jewish religion.

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