The following statistics are given for Joseph Joestar in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure volume 8, during the second plot arc of the series. During this arc Joseph is the main hero and thus, is referred to by most friendly characters as Jojo.

Profile of Jojo

Name: Joseph Joestar
Birth date: September 27, 1920 (Currently 18 years old)
Country of Origin: England
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Black
Family: Parents (George Joestar II, LisaLisa) deceased. Currently living with Grandmother, Erina Joestar.
Schooling: High School (In England)
Criminal Record: 7 imprisonments for assault, 1 count of burglary.
Hobby: Collecting manga
Girlfriend: None currently (But he likes cute girls who aren’t too smart)
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Chewing Gum
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Favorite Animal: Dog
Least Favorite Animal: Cow
Dream Job: Pilot
Favorite Actor: John Gyaban

In part 2, Joseph learns to use Hamon techniques from Caesar Antonio Zeppeli (Will Antonio Zeppeli’s grandson) and his teacher LisaLisa (whom he does not at first know is his mother). Although the three do not get along at first, the battles they share with the Pillar Men forms, Santana, Wamuu, Kars and Esidisii bring them togeather, until his unfortunate death at the hands of Wamuu. A happy go lucky boy in nature, Joseph doesn’t let any of the dire situations he finds himself in deter him from taunting and dancing around his enemies saying “Lucky, Happy, Nice to meet you!” Joseph is also very good with weapons, utalizing a lead ball shooting crossbow and his “crackers,” 2 small metal balls attached by a wire. In 1939 Joseph kills the Ultimate Life form, Kars, and marries Susie Q in an attempt to settle down for a while.

Joseph is also present in the third arc of the series which focuses on Kujo Jotaro, Joseph’s grandson. Not much has changed since his younger days, except that he is now 62 years old, has mysteriously blond hair, and is married to his sweet heart Susie Q.

During the time between parts 2 and 3 Joseph has developed a Stand, Hermit Purple. This Stand manifests itself as a mass of purple vine-like tendrils which can be used to grab enemies or objects and swing or entangle them. Hermit Purple also gives Joseph a slight telepathic ability, if he comes in contact with anything that can display an image (television, polaroid camera, etc) a picture can be projected of a future important event. It would seem that because Joseph can use Hamon, his stand is weaker than most others physically. However, the energy created with Hamon techniques can be traveled down Hermit Purple’s vines to an enemy, due to its wave-like nature. Joseph is nearly killed by Dio in the end of part 3, with his blood used to compete Dio’s transformation. He is saved however, by a transfusion of Dio’s blood on the plane back from Cairo.

Joseph makes a (as of yet) final apperance in part 4; which focuses on Higashikata Josuke; as an even older man, at 79 years old. His role is fairly diminished, but he manages to sport a smart new floppy cap and rain coat, in an attempt to hide is now very old, decrepit figure. Even though he attempts to avoid his bastard son Josuke's mother, he adopts the invisible baby with the stand Achtung Baby and named it Shizuka Joestar. This seems like an attempt to become more of a family man.

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