A great company, no, marketing firm with catchy ideas that have been gobbled up by the American public and become part of american culture. Why a marketing firm? What else gets millions of americans clapping stupidly at their appliances, watching nature in its most commercialized form, or relying on that one extra gadget] to decomplicate the VCR's API. This last product won a bronze medal in the consumer product competition of the 1999 IDEA awards (Business Week's annual product design competition). A list of products that JEIUSA-Joseph Enterprises, Inc. invented are below.

If you are in need of service for their main products, refer to this phone list:

Clapper Help Desk: (800) 557-5856
VCR Co-Pilot Help Desk: (800) 557-5856
Chia Hotline: (888) 999-CHIA

Thanks to chiapet.com, their website, for some of the info.
It's clear which product is their favorite.

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