Jondelle is a science fiction novel by British author E C Tubb.

Ourelle was the closest planet to legendary Earth that Earl Dumarest had reached. There the legend of the Original People persisted among the several strange races that populated this world out along a far arm of the Milky Way. Somehow the boy named Jondelle held the key to further data in Earl's quest, but before he could obtain it, the child was kidnapped. The pursuit of the kidnappers led directly to the weirdest, most vicious race of all - to a city of paranoiac killers in a country of madmen whose hair - trigger tempers and erratic violences terrified the rest of that world. But it was there and there alone that Dumarest could pick up the trail that led to Jondelle - and to long - lost Terra.

- quoted from the rear cover of 1973 DAW edition.

A slightly different role for Dumarest in this book ; as a protector of the child Jondelle.

If you had been following the series then you might reasonably have expected Jondelle to be the name of Dumarest's latest female conquest. Five of the previous nine books in the series were so named ;Derai, Kalin, Lallia, Veruchia, and Mayenne. If you were reading them out of order then you might also have encountered Zenya, Eloise, or Melome.

Angado is a different matter.

This was the tenth book in the Dumarest series, which continued with Zenya

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