Kalin is a science fiction novel by British author E C Tubb.

The planet Logis was a violent world, where "bloodtime" made a duel to the death a legal way to settle the smallest quarrel. On this dangerous world, in the streets at bloodtime, Dumarest met the woman Kalin - Kalin of the flame - red hair, with eyes that shone like pools of green fire. Kalin, who could see the future. The people of many worlds hated her, and called her "witch". A few sought to possess her, to enslave her talent for their own gain. Dumarest held her, for love of her, and for the faint memory she held of a planet called Earth.

- quoted from the rear cover of 1982 Ace edition.

This was the fourth book in the Dumarest series and is one of the most important early books in the series. It is in this book that Dumarest first acquires the mind-swap formula stolen from the Cyclan, which they become desperate to regain, and is the reason why from this point on onwards they hunt relentlessly for Dumarest. The series continued with The Jester at Scar

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