Jolly Inn

Portland, Oregon
1937 SE 11th Ave. (Just South of Ladd's Addition between Hawthorne and Division)

Destined to become one of the great dive bars of our time, the Jolly Inn makes keepin' it real look easy. Only two people actually work there, Flo and Lucas.

Flo is around 40-50 years old, 5'6", fat, and bless her heart she puts up with more than her fair share of workplace harassment at the hands of whomever's turn it is to be belligerent.

Lucas is mid 20s, several inches shorter, and frequently it is his turn to be belligerent.

They serve no liquor at the Jolly. You must work to get drunk using only beer. (they may have white zif, but that is not the kind of information I care to discuss)

The Jolly Inn is the only bar where geeks and bike punks swig beers arm in arm. Geeks frequent it as FREE GEEK is in close proximity to the Jolly, only about 3 blocks away. Bike punks like it because it is a dive bar with indoor bicycle storage. IF you would like to see this interaction take place first hand your best bet is on a Wed night from 11pm to 1am.

They also have cheap beer (not the stinky's , but in the realm of cheap Don't bother ordering a pitcher, they don't got them. They do have the "bucket" a 40oz. cheap white cup full of cold, delicious macro brew. The same cups you might get at a minor league ball park where they want to keep the fans happy.

Graffiti is a mark of pride among dive bars, and while the Jolly can't compete with the cleverness of the Basement Pub it does bathroom graffiti like it does everything else, with an ignorance that can only be obtained when you really cease to give a damn. Although they have had paper products available in the bathroom whenever I have visited, there will come the day when, you see a hand appear from under the stall door asking you if you would lend him or her your sock. How you deal with this inevitable situation is up to you.

The Jolly does have live music occasionally. Including the melodious sounds of Pepto Dizmal and Menstrual Appetite.

Finally and most importantly the Jolly has two free Foosball tables. Competition can be fierce, and they are not likley to be as afraid of you as you are of them.

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