A little area in Portland, OR distinguished by the fact that entering it will render you lost in an instant. It is located in SE Portland, near the river. On the north it is bounded by SE Hawthorne Blvd, on the south by SE Division, the west by 12th, and the east by 20th. The street arrangement is best described as a sort of X-shape with a plus superimposed on top of it, with a circle-like arrangement tying it all together. For a map, search something like MapQuest (the website) for Portland, OR, Ladd Ave., 97214.

It contains no less than 5 churches, an elementary school, a hardware store, a corner store, a 7-11, almost a BurgerVille (a fast food chain local to the northwest), 5 parks, a little restaurant, a couple tiny apartment buildings, a county Aging and Disabilities office, an empty lot, and, naturally, lots of houses. Most of the houses were built around 1900 and have been renovated more than once. Housing prices have gone up in the last 20 years.

Then there's Ladd's Wholesale Meat, but that's across the street and isn't part of Ladd's Addition proper; same with the BurgerVille.

Ladd's Addition used to be farmland back when Portland was a tiny logging town. The owner of the land, a guy named Ladd, turned it into housing, created its utterly mad layout, and presumably made some money. I know little about the history of the place.

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