A folksy group from Jamestown, NY, consisting of John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey. John had been one of the founding members of 10,000 Maniacs; he left in 1985, just before they became popular.

Anyway, after Natalie Merchant left 10kM, John and Mary started touring with the remaining members (who did not use the name ``10,000 Maniacs'' because the legal issues related to the continued use of the name still weren't decided). Eventually, everything was worked out, and the new 10,000 Maniacs, with Lombardo and Ramsey, released an album in 1997, titled Love Among the Ruins.

John and Mary released two albums:

They were both published by Rykodisc (meaining, AFAIK, no cassette or vinyl versions). They're out of print, but rumour has it you can still find copies on ebay, including signed copies being auctioned by Mary Ramsey herself.

Songs to check out: ``Pram'', ``The Azalea Festival'', ``We Have Nothing'', ``I Wanted You'', ``A Nightfall'', and ``Cemetary Ridge''. They also did a version of ``Un Canadien Errant'', if you like Quebec.

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