born: August 30, 1907
died: January 8, 1980

John William Mauchly, the child of a physicist, was interested in electronic engineering. He looked for ways to develop electrical circuits for computation and succeeded. Mauchly is best known for creating the ENIAC, the first all-electronic digital computer, in collaboration with J. Presper Eckart. The Electronic Integrator and Computer was the most complex computer of its time. In his life he received the Harry M Goode Memorial Award, Philadelphia Award, the Emanual R Pione Award, the Potts Medal, and the Scott Medal.

1907 – born in Cincinnati, Ohio
1925 – awarded a scholarship to study engineering at John Hopkins university in Baltimore, Maryland
1932 – awarded his doctorate in Physics
1940 - was teaching at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, PA
1941 - accepted a position at the Moore School of Electrical Engeneering at the University of Pennsylavnia
1946 - finished the ENIAC in February
1946 - left the Moore School in October
1950 - Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation acquired by the Remington Rand Corporation
1959 - created Mauchly Associates and became the president of the company
1965 - became chairman of the board of Mauchly Associates
1966 - received the Harry M Goode Memorial Award
1968 - became the president of Dynatrend Inc.
1970 - became president of Marketrend Inc.
1980 - died in Ambler, Pennsylvania


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