Horror writer John Ramsey Campbell (or just Ramsey Cambell), was born January 4 1946. He discovered horror fiction early, and at age 14 he came across H. P. Lovecraft's "The Lurking Horror", but reportedly he had already read and written several stories before then.

In 1976 he published "The Doll Who Ate His Mother", which was his first taste of world-wide fame, and in 1977 he was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for it. Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos had discovered his work earlier, back in the 60's, when Arkham House published his "The Inhabitants of the Lake, and Other, Less Welcome, Tenants". In 1978 he won the World Fantasy Award for the story "The Chimney".

His career seems to have been climbing steadily, and he still turns out the occational short story and novel that leaves the audience with a bad case of goosebumps.

The following are said to be excellent introductions to his work:

  • The Doll Who Ate His Mother
  • The Parasite
  • The Face That Must Die

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