A wall in Prague famous for being spray-painted with John Lennon's image after his assassination in 1980. Over the years it became a bastion for pro-democratic/anti-communist graffiti, until eventually the original image was all but covered up. The wall was whitewashed a few years ago, but since then new graffiti has sprung up in its place, capturing the extent of the recent tourist influx to Prague (virtually all of the graffiti is the handiwork of marauding visitors). It's quite an impressive sight; when I saw it in May 2000 someone had recreated the original John Lennon image. This one seems to have been done in pencil or crayon. If you're ever in Prague, go see the John Lennon Wall.

The wall in question might be a bit difficult to find for the casual tourist visiting Prague. I decided one rainy afternoon in Prague to simply wander off the beaten track a bit and see what I could find.

I stumbled across this wall quite by accident and judging by the absence of gawking tourists photographing it, it's not exactly a hot location for visitors to Prague.

From memory if you wander over Charles Bridge toward the Prague Castle, go about 500 meters up the hill, turn left and walk parallel to the river for a short while then turn left and walk toward the river again, you'll find it.

Walking through the less "touristy" parts of Prague is an amazing experience. If you're going to Prague make an effort to just wander.

I love Prague. You must go there.

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