Joe Don Baker is, arguably, not the greatest actor ever to hail from Hollywood. He is not the most talented, certainly, and many would call him far from conventionally handsome. He has played bit roles in alot of half decent movies, and been more prominent in a few bad ones. Joe Don Baker is one of those actors that when you realize who he is, you'll probably realize that you've seen him at least a few times...

Still, Baker IS one of the more prolific actors out there, with at least 50 appearances in film, and 11 guest star appearances on television shows.

Baker's film career began in 1967, with Cool Hand Luke (he was not credited). He continued to work his way up in the world, mostly with parts in slightly memorable movies. His "high point" was probably during the mid-70's, including Walking Tall (1973, starring Baker as Sheriff Buford Pusser), Framed (1975), and Mitchell (1975). The latter is one of Baker's most famous performances (at least in some circles), as the movie was later picked up by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew, who had a love-hate relationship with Baker's performance as the protagonist, a hapless, none-too-bright, alcoholic detective named Mitchell.

Other notables include Cape Fear, Reality Bites, Congo, Mars Attacks, and two Bond flicks, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies (as Jack Wade, the crude American that Bond occasionally calls on for help). He also showed up on Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Mission Impossible, and British series Edge of Darkness, mostly in the 50's and 60's, before he gained some weight and was typecast into the tough guy roles he later picked up.

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