In 1980, 25-year old outfielder Joe Charboneau, playing for the Cleveland Indians, won the American League Rookie of the Year award.

Charboneau batted .289 and hit 23 home runs, despite missing 31 games with injuries. Charboneau was also a fairly flamboyant character by baseball standards, known for drinking, partying, and frequent changes of hair color. During spring training of his rookie year, a deranged fan stabbed Charboneau in the chest with a ballpoint pen.

Unfortunately, Charboneau did not produce up to his rookie-of-the-year level in the following seasons. Instead, he was frequently injured and frequently drunk. A back injury suffered in spring training in 1981 effectively ended his career. Charboneau batted only .211 with 6 home runs in parts of the next two seasons, and was released by the Indians in 1983, his playing career finished at the age of 27.

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