The mildy common name of the version of the French language which is spoken in Quebec, Canada. Because of the close interrelation of the French with the English in the province, Joale is very much a mixing of the two languages, though much more predominantly French than English.

The main difference between France French and Joale is the ponunciation. Words are almost abbreviated to be spoken faster and in a more constant flow. A very good example is the word "moi" which in Joale is pronounced "moe". The word means "me" or "I", and pronunciation is not as in English, ie: it isn't pronounced like the bartender on the Simpsons :P.

It should also be noted that profanity is very much a part of the language. The most common "Esti" is by some used at the end of almost every sentence almost involuntarily.

Finally, here is an example of a sentence in France French and in Joale:
France French: Je voudrais beaucoup recevoir des points de réputation pour ce noeud de sorte que je puisse procéder à des niveaux plus élevés.
Joale: Tabarnac, moe j'veux des d'reputation pour avoir un nouveau nivaux, esti.

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