Jazz singer, and world's only known living castrato, through Kallmans's Syndrome. Worked with Charlie Parker, and many other be-bop greats. Married 4 times. Voice coach to Marvin Gaye, and several other soul and early rock figures, he shaped the sound that would later be typical of Michael Jackson, and many other falsetto singers. Plagued by law enforcement officials, who thought him to be a junkie (he's still mum on this), or a lesbian (causing him to drop his drawers on many an occaision), and general ill health, he went into a nursing home in the early 60's.
In the late 80's however, he was called upon to sing at a funeral for a friend, whereupon quite a few in the audience music industry bigwigs all, were amazed, and asked him for his agent, of course, he had none. Now, as a beloved elder statesman, he's the proud father of several adopted sons, the featured singer on the Twin Peaks album, and a credit to us all. Works with David Sanborne. Catch him while you can.

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