Founder of Oakley. A powerful, sucessful, egotisitcal visionary. A Licensed user of the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field.

His sucess story starts in 1975, where Jim was a 25-year-old dropout from the USC School of Pharmacological Science. He sold motorcycle parts out of the back of his Honda Civic under the name taken from his English setter, Oakley.

The first product he created was a unique cam-shaped motorcycle handle grip. The grips led to motorcycle goggles in the late 1970s and, later, to ski goggles. Then, during a particularly sun-blinded drive from San Diego to LA in 1983, Jannard decided to make the logical move to sunglasses.

Jannard is now in his 50's and is the CEO of one of the most recognized brand names in the sporting industry.

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