In the Uplift sci-fi novels by David Brin, Jijo is a fallow planet in Galaxy Four. That is, the planet has been declared fallow by the Galactic Institute of Migration - despite this rule barring oxygen-breathing races from settling there, races from eight different planets have settled there, living as savages; sooners. These races include the traeki, urs, G'kek, hoon, glaver, qheuen, tytlal, and human races.

Jijo forms part of the setting for Brin's Second Uplift Trilogy, which comprises the books Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reach. The inhabitants of the planet are all fugitives from Galactic society, in one way or another. They live on stolen time; someday, the Galactic authorities are certain to discover their crime, and retribution will be dealt. However, the severity of the punishment will depend on how much the ecosystem of Jijo has been disturbed by their presence. Also, the Path of Redemption, their religion, teaches that if a species were to regress to pre-sapience, their crime would be absolved. Jijo's races worship an artifact known as The Egg, a naturally-occurring stone formation which emanates a psionic 'song'.

Jijo was originally inhabited by the Buyur, before it was declared a fallow world.

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