I know it seems trite. But you need to know the context, the situation. Let me set this up for you.

Small town Middle America, stoplight. I am doing my customary search of the faces behind the wheels. (Who is mad? Who is jamming to music? Who is looking a tad dangerous? ) Next to me is a beatup green Fiesta with these words written on the back windshield in soap- a foot tall

Jesus is all I need!

Inside the car are the following:

the Mom, middleaged white woman with a peaceful smile.
several happy looking white elementary school aged children in the backseat
with matching smiles.
One beautiful black girl with bright beaded hair, looking quite pleased with herself (riding shotgun).

Maybe they were not really that happy, although I have no idea who they were faking it for-stuck in small town traffic at 5 in the afternoon. Maybe they were not really a family of fosterkids, which is how they appeared. Maybe this family was not fresh from a weekend of religious revivals and rapture. Looks are deceiving, more than a little. But to an outsider, just for this one day-it looked like a happy group of people who were happy for what they had and not curious for what they lacked. To a passer-by Jesus seemed to be more than enough for those folks.

If I had that much inner peace I might put it into words, but probably not in soap.

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