Jesus and Mo, residing at, is a long-running Internet comic strip starring, well, Jesus and Mohammad. The essential premise of the strip is that the theologically central pair are roommates sharing an apartment -- to the point of sleeping in the same bed -- and spend their days musing about the faultlines of their religions, and various events in the news (often with a local barmaid who, despite having Jesus and Mohammad as customers, is an atheist, and is always depicted as speaking from off-panel). The iconic pair are occasionally joined in the bar by old friend Moses, as well. At home, there is from time to time some toilet humor, in the most literal sense, as a bathroom is another thing they share, leading to scenes of each standing outside the bathroom door listening to the other complain about the toilet paper being used up, or the like. More often, though, the pair will be engaged in a higher discourse of either criticizing the religion propounded by the other, or conceding that their own is full of holes, contradictions, and implausibilities.

The strip occasionally implies that its religious icons are quite possibly homosexual lovers (though the suggestions are ambiguous enough that they could as easily be a Bert-and-Ernie platonic pals scenario -- sexual behavior is never explicitly shown, and when in bed together the pair are almost always shown reading books or the newspaper). The strip has something of a cult following (it has received praise from Richard Dawkins and Salman Rushdie ), and yet has surprisingly not drawn a lot of public attention (ie death threats).

269 words for Brevity Quest 2015

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