Jesus people is another term used for the congregation that Chuck Smith and the Jesus Movement built from basically young street people in Los Angeles. The '60's teens and college age saw disallusionment with the '9 to 5' world that seemed responsible for a Cold War that had nuclear war looming over everyone's heads, and a Hot War in Vietnam that made no sense leading to a migration to the West Coast.

While other churches in the community were uptight over long haired, hippie, young men, and bra-less women, let alone some that were dirty. They never made these "freaks" feel welcome, but the "make love not war" group found a shepherd in the Four Square's Chuck Smith. Coming back in increasing numbers, committed to Jesus they would ask: "What are we going to do?" They became the Jesus Freaks which Pastor Chuck would take to the Pacific Ocean to be baptised, answering: "Well here's water".

Fortunately for these drugged-out individuals, Pastor Smith had the correct Spirit of kindness, and took these heads in, showing love, giving shelter and food. In a matter of years his flock grew from hundreds to thousands.

These Jesus people, or Jesus freaks, went back out on the highways and byways and did the same, establishing churches across the country, especially spreading this "Good News" with the power of exuberant music..

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