A Christian order that has existed in Europe for three centuries. The Jesuats were founded by Giovanni Colombiani of Siena in 1360 as an order primarily concerned with nursing and burying victims of the bubonic plague. In 1367, the order was officially sanctioned by Pope Urban V. Three centuries later, partially due to their manufacture and sale of liquors in ways unsanctioned by the Canon Law, Pope Clement IX abolished the group in 1668.

One of the better known Jesuats is Bonaventura Cavalieri, who has been a confirmed member since 1613 at the age of 15. Cavalieri was a mathematician who studied at the University of Bologna, and is known for discovering methods that use integration to find volumes of objects — a method also discovered by Zu Chongzhi a thousand years earlier.

Also known as: Jesuati, Gesuati, S. Gerolamo's apostolical clerics
*Not* the same as: Jesuit

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