Pie Company franchise store in Western Australia. Jester's Jaffle Pies began in 1997 in Perth and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best pie places in the city. By 2002 Jester's has 31 stores throughout Western Australia and will expanding to the east coast and New Zealand in early 2003. Jester's pies are unlike many meat pies common in Australia. They have a thinner pastry covering and better tasting meat. The diameter of Jester's pies are only about 8cm, so one is perfect for a quick snack while two (or three if your starving) go down quite nicely at lunchtime. Jester's have 15 types of pies and a few types of sausage rolls and muffins. Each type of pie has a corresponding symbol in the pastry on top of the pie so no one takes a bite of a spinich pie expecting a nice satay chicken morsel. The pie types and their symbols are:

Ned Kelly - Aussie beef, the traditional Australian meat pie - No symbol.
Morning Glory - Bacon Egg and Cheese - square.
Russian Roulette - Beef Stroganov - rectangle.
Taj Mahal - Beef Vindaloo - star.
Pavarotti - Chicken Carbonara - heart.
Footy Pie - Steak and Mushroom - three circles joined.
Stockmans - Chunky Steak - triangle.
Spud Delux - Potato, Beef, Cheese and Bacon - circle.
Nutty Chook1 - Satay Chicken - clubs symbol.
Popeye - Spinich, Mushroom and Fetta - hexagon.
William Tell - Apple and Custard - arrow.
Kentucky Delight - Apple, Blueberry and Custard - circle and rectangle joined.
Pie of the Month, currently The Big Kahuna- Ham Pineapple and Cheese - J.
Vegetarian Pie of the Month, currently Chickpea and tofu Korma - plus sign.
Seasonal Special, currently Deluxe Laska - Chicken and Veggies - ellipse.

My personal pie favourites are the Pavarotti and Spud Delux. Jester's Jaffle Pies are slowly erasing the myth in Perth people that fast food always means crap food. Anyone travelling to Western Australia, don't bother about Underwater World, Fremantle, Broome, Kalgoorlie or even the beach. Just go grab a Jester's pie, that sums up WA better than anything else.

1. Chook is an Australian word for chicken. And yes, we call chicks (i.e. baby chicken) chickens sometimes.

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