Jega is the talented Dylan Thomas, and a good friend of Mike Paradinas aka mu-Ziq. Jega churns out high energy electro based "drill 'n' bass" with highly melodic synthwork. On the excellent skam record lablel.

Dylan Thomas's middle name is Jega (no joke). The name Jega comes from his father, and it is of an Indian etymology. The English word "Juggernaut" is rumoured to have come from it.

Jega has not released anything on Skam for a long time. His releases on Skam are famous for their rarity, and are much desired by IDM trainspotters. His two EPs on Skam are:
SKA006 (AKA Phlax - that's the name of the first track)
SKA009 (AKA Cardhore - that's the name of the first track)

Since his releases on Skam, Jega has been working on mu-Ziq's record label, Planet Mu. He released his latest LP, Spectrum, on it in Europe (Matador Records in the US).

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