A new IDM recording label that's taken the world by storm. Their rapid fractured melodies have become a trademark of the label. Artists in their stable include Gescom (aka. Autechre), Boards of Canada, and Jega

Skam is the much respected and much secretive electronic music record label located in Manchester, England. So secretive, in fact, that it's unclear which bands are on the label at any time, and the exact owner or founder has never been clear.

Rumour has it that major players in either the founding or management of the label have been Sean Booth and Rob Brown of Autechre, and possibly Andy Maddocks, who was their flat-mate at one time.

Skam is notable because it has developed a particular sound, which can be best characterized as dark electronic music, often heavy on the clicks and staccato beats that Autechre made famous. The label is a darling of the IDM scenes the world 'round.

Notable artists that have released material on Skam include Gescom (Autechre's alter-ego), Jega, Freeform, Boards of Canada, Bola, and Push Button Objects. Skam also helped put out the famous Mask series.

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