PG Wodehouse's Jeeves in the Offing is a hilarious story where Bertie Wooster joins his Aunt Delia at her home, Brinkley Court without his 'man' Jeeves at his side.

Life however isn't going to well for Bertie when he meets up with his old fiancée Bobby Wickham and his old headmaster, 'the prince of stinkers' Aubrey Upjohn. He goes through a trying ordeal attempting to get 'Kipper Herring', his old school chum and Bobby back together again.

This is a hilarious book with romance, wit and action which I strongly recommend you read.

The book was originally published in 1960 and has been made into a very successful audiotape. Other tapes are ; 'Thank You Jeeves', 'Stiff Upper lip Jeeves', 'Right ho Jeeves', 'Carry on Jeeves' and 'The Inimitable Jeeves'. Most of the Jeeves books have been republished and a brilliant television series has been made starring Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Wooster

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