Jays has been bringing quality snacks to the Midwest since 1927. First marketed under the name of Mrs. Japp's Potato Chips, the name changed to Jays Potato Chips in the early 1940s because of the USA entering war with Japan. Headquartered in Chicago, Illnois, USA, Jays has distribution centers in 15 major cities located throughout its seven state marketing area. In addition to potato chips, company products include a variety of snack and finger foods.

Jays Foods, L.L.C.'s flagship product is Jays Potato Chips. Jay's Potato chips are made from quality ingrediments, and taste best with a Pepsi.

Other flavors of Jays Potato Chips include: Jays Barbecue, Jays Ridged , Jays Barbecue Crispy Ridged, Jays Sour Cream N' Onion, Jays No-Salt, Jays Cheddar & Sour Cream, Jays Open Pit Ridged, Jays Old Fashioned Kettled Cooked, and Jays Hot Stuff.

With the other flavors, the seasoning tends to come off on your fingers. To avoid this, wear latex gloves, or use a towel.

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