San Francisco coffeehouse located in the Mission district. Specifically, on Valencia Street between 20th and 21st on the west side of the street. My favorite place for coffee and reading in the city. Free Internet for customers (20 minutes) and free piano for those that can play it good. A cup of coffee will cost you $1.00 for a small or $1.25 for a large (refills are not free).

If you come on the right day, you can play chess on the tables outside. Always be on the lookout for jazz cat Hiram Harvel who plays the blues on Javalencia's piano. He plays a good game of chess too, but you can beat him if you are a strategy player rather than a tactical genius. Harvel is tactically strong.

Javalencia also sells bagels (but Katz Bagels on 16th between Valencia Street and Guerrero Street is a better bet). Go for their sandwiches if you have four bucks. Usually, though, a cup of coffee and a cigarette out front will do you perfect. Other goods sold include: espresso, apple juice, odwalla, pastries (including vegan), knishes, and Cup O Noodles.

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